Dysmorphilia at Thong Lor Arts Space in Bangkok, Thailand for Low Fat Art Festival

Unearthing at Setouchi Trienalle and Asia Perfoming Arts 2016 in Japan.

Canton at Cape Fear Community College in North Carolina, USA

Himalaya at Lively Arts Center in Pennsylvania, USA 2016 


“Breathtaking, provocative and daring,” – Wanggo Gallaga, Manila Bulletin

Daloy Dance Company is a Manila-based dance theatre collective founded by Artistic Director Ea Torrado. With its commitment to dance as experiential inquiry and explorative practice, Daloy develops process-driven experimentations that incite and evolve dance performance aesthetics and thinking in the Philippines.

Since its establishment in 2014, Daloy has made waves in the Manila art scene with polymorphic productions that play with the boundaries of contemporary dance (Pieces of Me, The Sky Changed, Inter/Act); while other critically acclaimed works (Dysmorphilia, Canton, and Himalaya) invited audiences to both question and celebrate societal culture. With its strong collaborative thrust, the company has worked with notable visual artists in various museums and galleries in the Philippines. Daloy has likewise performed in a range of dance and art festivals locally and abroad, including WIFI Body Contemporary Dance Festival; The Blue Moon Series Gala; Imaginarium: A Multi-arts Festival of the Absurd; FRINGE Manila Festival; Fete de la Musique; Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival; Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Pasinaya Festival; Performatura Arts Festival; Low Fat Art Fest (Thong Lor Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015); and Setouchi Triennale (Takamatsu and Seto, Japan, July 2016).


Founded in 2014 in Manila, Philippines, Daloy Dance Company is an experimental dance theatre collective committed to promoting dance as an experiential inquiry and explorative practice.Through process-driven experimentation, Daloy aims to evolve the theory and praxis of dance performance aesthetics. We empower our dancers as individual artists, rather than confine them to a single choreographic style. We thrive in a spirited atmosphere of open-ended exchange and collaboration, and engage with improvisation not only as a creative method but as a dignified performance paradigm.In this way, we seek to elevate and deepen Improvisation as a dance performance field in the Philippines and globally.At the core of our work is the conscious cultivation of organic and authentic movement, contributing thus to personal and communal transformation.


Mutual Learning
We prioritize honest and respectful debate and exchange in devising dance theatre pieces. We believe that empowering dance artists to balance independence and reciprocity in thinking through their ideas of embodiment is a progressive approach to creativity.

Spontaneous Compositions

We value dance as a dynamic meditation where instant and emergent compositions can arise. We aim to perform live art compositionally, and in doing so deepen our knowledge and practice of improvisation as a performance paradigm.

Movement Education

Our advocacy is to deliver life-changing movement-based programmes that utilize movement as an intuitive and effective modality of psychological investigation. Offering a holistic approach to dance through a nurturing and open-minded learning environment, our classes are safe spaces that develop mindfulness, presence, and authenticity. We don’t just teach Dance—we help people move more and more like themselves.


CONTACT Daloy DC for workshops, performances and bookings at or 09176207052

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Daloy Dance Company is a Manila-based contemporary dance and experimental dance theatre collective, established by Artistic Director, Ea Torrado in the Philippines.

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